(Soccer) Bolt – Case Study

During my time in Florida, I had a difficult time locating pick-up soccer games and perceived a lack of effective app or website solutions. Pick-up games are spontaneous gatherings of […]

UX Design Checklist:

1.) Description An UX design checklist is a detailed analysis and evaluation of a website or application. There are a few basic guidelines you can follow to achieve a thoughtful, […]

Inspirational Running Music

Running is probably one of the toughest activities you can do. So, we all need a little music inspiration when running. Here are some music I found that helped me […]

Evolution of Websites

It’s been a long way since the first ever website in 1991. It started out exclusively text-based to full colors and animation as we see today. As screen resolution and […]

I.M.D. Group

Interactive Media Development Meetup Group Founded in March 2010 Interactive Media Development was the first touch screen technology meetup group. I was the organizer and host. It was my job […]