UX Design Checklist:

1.) Description

An UX design checklist is a detailed analysis and evaluation of a website or application. There are a few basic guidelines you can follow to achieve a thoughtful, thorough critique. The basic elements of an UX design checklist are description, analysis, interpretation, and judgment.

Get basic information so you can better understand the application/website.

  1. What is the name of the application/website?
  2. Who created the application/website?
  3. When was it created?
  4. What was used to create the application/website?
  5. How many pages is the application?
  6. How many languages does it support?

2.) Analysis

Avoid using terms like ”beautiful,” “ugly,” “good,” or “bad”.

Quality check

  1. Image resolution quality?
  2. Skewed or warped images?
  3. Font choices? Too many fonts? Too little fonts?
  4. Responsiveness of web application?
  5. What is the visual hierarchy?


1.) Consistency
– Are colors consistent and repetitive?
– Are artwork consistent?
– Are images similar?

3.) Design Principle Analysis

  1. Where is there emphasis (Focal point)?
  2. Are the pages balanced?
  3. Does the page have contrast? Does it “pop”?
    • What is in bold?
    • What can benefit from standing out?
  4. Proportions
    • Are items or the design proportionate?
  5. Movement: Is your eye drawn through the composition in a particular way?
    • Where your eye moves.
    • Movement creates the story or narrative of your work.
  6. Enough white space?
    • Room to breathe
    • Contains too much information.
    • Hierarchy & organization

4.) Interpretation

Identify the purpose of the application/website.

1.) Is the message clear?
2.) Does it emotionally connect to users? Does it motivate the buyer?
3.) Does the brand design conveys quality?
4.) Does the design bring joy to the user?
5.) Was the customer/user experience positive?
6.) Does the brand relate to my target audience?

5.) Judgement

Decide whether you think the work is successful or not.

  1. Does the application/website do what was desired?
  2. Does the application/website use tools and techniques well?
  3. Is it well organized?
  4. Is the application/website designs harmonious?
  5. Does it use best practices?
  6. Is it accessible to color blindness and the visually impaired?