I.M.D. Meetup.com Group

Interactive Media Development Meetup Group

Founded in March 2010 Interactive Media Development was the first touch screen technology meetup group. I was the organizer and host. It was my job to find members, advertise the group, and organize speakers to events.

I also made a few presentations of my own. I put together a presentation about how publishing has changed from handing down assets to being story-centric. In order to start a web publishing business, you need a way of handling assets.

Mobile Programming, LLC is a software development firm with offices in New York, California, and Florida and two development centers in India. The president & chairman, Ishwari Singh presented his company’s capabilities.

The creator of the social media app Vibe, Hazem Sayed presented with great interest to the group. The group learned how to use the app and offered suggestions.

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